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Maintained by Hans M. Kristensen ( and Alicia Godsberg (
The Federation of American Scientists (FAS)

World’s Top Ten Militaries

1)USA -(AMP)1,426,026 Nuclear Power – 3,575 Strategic Nukes est.

2)Russia -(AMP)1,037,000 , Nuclear Power 3,083 Strategic Nukes est.

3)China -(AMP)2,255,000, Nuclear Power – 180 Strategic Nukes est.

4)United Kingdom (AMP)187,970 , Nuclear Power 160 Nukes est.

5) France (AMP) 361,085 , Nuclear Power – 300 Strategic Nukes est.

6)Zionist/Israel (AMP)168,000 , Nuclear Power – 80+ Strategic Nukes est.

7)Pakistan (AMP) 619,000 , Nuclear Power – 60 Strategic Nukes est.

8)India (AMP) 1,325,000 Nuclear Power – 50 Strategic Nukes est.

9)Turkey (AMP) 514,850

10)North Korea (AMP) 1,106,000 , Nuclear Power 2-10 Strategic Nukes est.

KEY: (AMP)= Active Military Personnel, “Strategic Nukes” means how many Nuclear Weapons currently ready for use at any given moment.

Power ranking is determined by

1)Man power
2)War/battle record
3)Military/Martial Tradition & History
4)Nuclear Power Weapon status
5)Technological capability
6)Nature/Structure of the Military
9)Economy/ Military Expenditure
10)Also the “surprise” element.

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Be aware that some Militaries ranked below 5 CAN under various conditions and various means defeat a Military Above it’s own Rank.
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Global Military Expenditure