Shoe throwing at bush is an offence to whole world who defend humanity and liberty. It is not a simply forgetable incident.



We live not to eat and have a life like animal.  We human being are also with a demand to free ourselves and want a better life than animal. This struggle started long before when our civilization has not dawned. The day we depended on our legs, we stood on our legs, from then on we have noticed we are struggling for more freedom,  We are now struggling for freedom of our expression and democracy. 


The man who threw his shoes to President Bush, saying dog has become hero among Islamic nations. It’s very shameful event to the whole nations. It is not only this time. It is been noticed in every Islamic countries—a hatred toward western countries and non Islamic countries. its not accidental but a regular practice.  They get money from west and copy western culture but behave with ungratefulness. Shame!  

The incident as I see and want to explain that  the freedom of mankind is written in American  constitution most clear way.  We see America as symbol of Liberty. Where mankind is free to express his views. It is sharia law or Islamic law that degrade woman hood, that degrade a man’s view or human values.  If the journalist had some anger on President bush or toward America he could have done it in other manner, There are lot civilized ways. Its very much shocking that in the name of journalism the Islamic people have disguising themselves to hit world leaders. I hope next time it should be an option if anyone is an Islamic journalist he should be at the last of all journalists and  with skimpy dress. so that every one can see him whether he is with intention of attack. Where is the security?  And after insult or wound the scar is forever. And Islamic people would make another hero hitting a non-islamic leader.

Throwing shoes to president bush has offended America and to every human being is fighting for human rights and freedom of expression. Those Muslim say Islam is a religion of peace are liars, maybe he is a leader or celebrity. The whole nations of Non Islamic world should rethink the past incidents that Islamic countries are doing for long. In the name of preventing atrocities and terrorism they are  talking  and promising but hiding attackers behind them.. Can you look back twenty years from today? what happened over this globe? What was the population of Islam? And who or which countries waged unrest among nation.  It is hard time we are passing with Islam dominated countries. They have called jehad  as it were the time of seven century barbarity. If all nations are not aware of this the future is full of catastrophes of bloodshed.


Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at Mr Bush as the president was giving a news conference during a visit to Baghdad this month. He has proved how he and his people are uncivilised. Beware of them in future, the animal can bite you you can not bite in revenge its the main problem with human dignity and nature, a human can not act like uncivilised manner.