Pakistan and other Islamic countries foster and shelters Islamic Fundamentalists and terrorists.


It is their Islamic strategy to convert the whole world into Islamic world,  and they wanted it to rule by Sharia law. Organisation of Islamic Conference always trying to do so for long, they are lobbying in United Nation, it is an outrageous action to non-Islamic People.


Do you think non-Islamic people are backboneless?   Islamic countries aim  to establish a talibanism, where science , education, and women liberation are blocked.

 Islamic countries have taken the whole world as a Fool and powerless. They are helping terrorists with latest arms, weapons at the backdoor, and at the front door they speak as if they are eliminating all the evil roots . have you seen ever Islamic countries have done little to weed out any terrorists camp or  have done mentionable action before.


Their another strategy is bringing counter allegation  (when they face any criminal charge ) by any means and want to show people as common incidents. They do not take jehadi/ terrorist attack as serious incident because to them it is no offence at all, according sharia law. Killing non believers is their religious command


I hope United nation should ban all its member states who have Islamic fanatic organization and support sharia law to stop freedom of expression, and where terrorists organization are flourishing.


 Today  Peace loving Muslim should have a responsibility to remove our fear and insecurity that is the terrorists and Islamic organizations have inflicted on us.